Rich Froning

Reebok CrossFit One had the pleasure of welcoming CrossFit Athlete Rich Froning to our Box on October 12, 2010. Rich is a Level 1 CrossFit Instructor, and also holds a certificate in CrossFit Olympic Lifting. He is a Coach at CrossFit Mayhem in Cookeville, Tennessee. At the 2010 CrossFit Games, Rich finished in an incredible 2nd place overall. Check out some of his stats below!


Height: 5’ 8”
Weight: 185lbs

Fran: 2:30
Grace: 2:10
Filthy Fifty: 23:00
Fight Gone Bad: 375

Clean & Jerk: 255lbs
Snatch: 200lbs
Deadlift: 455lbs
Back Squat: 365

2010 CrossFit Games: 2nd Place