Jason Khalipa

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On November 9, 2010, CrossFit Athlete Jason Khalipa made a guest appearance at the Reebok CrossFit One Box. Jason helped coach Reebok HQ employees through the “Partner Challenge” WOD, and then competed in the same WOD against another group of Reebok HQ employees.

Jason is the owner of CrossFit Santa Clara. He is also a Level 2 Crossfit Certified instructor, and also holds Crossfit Running, Crossfit Kid’s, and Crossfit Powerlifting Certifications. To top that off, Jason travels around the world as a CrossFit HQ Coach, teaching trainers at CrossFit Certifications. Jason finished in 1st place at the 2008 CrossFit Games, in 5th place at the 2009 CrossFit Games where he was honored with the “Spirit of the Games” award, and in 16th place at the 2010 CrossFit Games. Check out this incredible athlete’s stats below!

Height: 5”10
Weight: 210lbs
Affiliate – CrossFit Santa Clara

Fran: 2:17
Helen: 7:27
Grace: 1:35
Filthy Fifty: 17:20
FGB: 425

Clean & Jerk: 315
Snatch: 225
Deadlift: 525
Back Squat: 425
Max Pull-Ups – 36
400m Run: 1:03
5k Run: 22:40

2008 Games Finish: 1st
2009 Games Finish: 5th
2010 Games Finish: 16th