Dave Lipson

On November 18, 2010, Reebok CrossFit One welcomed CrossFit Athlete Dave Lipson. Dave helped teach two groups of Reebok HQ employees how to properly execute a Deadlift, and then coached them through the WOD. He has appeared twice at the CrossFit Games (2008, 2009), and is also a NAS strongman competitor, as well as a fitness expert/host for NBC’s LX TV. Have a look at some of Dave’s incredible stats below!

Height: 6’0”
Weight: 215
Affiliate: CrossFit Exodus

Fran: 2:31
Isabelle: 1:02
Grace: 1:06 (3:15 at 200lb)

Deadlift/Burpee: 2:25 (275), 7:10 (500lb)
Deadlift: 615 dead
Squat: 515 squat
Front Squat: 425 front
2k row: 6:31
Max Pullups: 50
DT: 4:49

2008 CrossFit Games: 14th
2009 CrossFit Games: 45th