Chris Spealler

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Reebok CrossFit One was fortunate enough to have CrossFit Athlete Chris Spealler visit our Box on November 9, 2010. Chris helped coach one workout, and then showed his talents while participating in the “Partner Challenge” WOD.

Chris is one of the most well respected athletes of CrossFit. He travels with CrossFit Headquarters to train and speak at Level 1 and Level 2 certifications, as well as coaches at Coaches Prep Courses throughout the country. He is actively involved in the CrossFit community writing for the CrossFit Journal, training, and competing as an athlete. Chris is one of the only CrossFit athletes to have competed in all of the CrossFit Games, placing 4th, 10th, 26th, and most recently 3rd in the worldwide competition. Check out some of Chris’s stats below!


Height: 5’5″ ( on a tall day )
Weight: 139
Started CrossFit: November 2006
Lives in Park City, UT – Affiliate: CrossFit Park City

Fran: 2:04
Cindy: 38 rounds without vest, 24 with 20lb vest
Linda: 18:31 (use bwt for a 155lb person) squat cleans
Helen: 7:11
Diane: 2:41
Grace: around 3:30 (I forget)
Fight Gone Bad: 459
Filthy Fifty: 14:01

Favorite WOD: Nate
Favorite Lift: Snatch (heavy)
Least Favorite WOD: Michael or Joshie
Least Favorite Lift: They are all pretty fun but probably the press

Deadlift: 370
Press: 155
Back Squat: 325
Snatch: 190
Clean and jerk: 235
Max Pull-ups: 96

2007 Games Finish: 4th
2008 Games Finish: 10th 
2009 Games Finish: 25th
2010 Games Finish: 3rd